Change Management

Sam Whipple has been described by one launch editor as “the most reassuring person I have worked with.” He’s a consultant with experience managing TV studio projects. He masterminded the plan that ensured that over 2,000 people moved into the BBC’s newly refurbished TV Studios in London on time, on budget and with improved output. His expertise is in planning projects from the moment users interact with new systems through to a successful launch. He provides a comprehensive change management plan to cope with sensitive changes (changes in the way people work or job losses) to ensure people stay positive and engaged throughout the project.

He spent 15 years as a senior journalist at the BBC working on live Television News output.  So he knows what journalists want from a new system and what they will be worried about. His approach minimises risk, ensuring that users are well trained so that they get the most out of the new systems and launch their broadcasts safely.

He is also an executive coach and leadership trainer and combines his change management expertise with an understanding of how to help people thrive through stressful change.

Projects Sam has worked on

BBC W1 Programme, 2010-2013

Sam produced the plan to ensure staff learnt how to use the new TV broadcast technology when they moved into the BBC’s London headquarters.  He coordinated installations in 4 studios, with 3 different waves of TV programmes over a 15-month period involving over 2,000 people.

“Thanks to Sam’s utterly meticulous planning and dedication, the training and piloting plan was faultless.” Jenny Baxter, BBC Controller of Production

Victoria Derbyshire Programme, April 2015

Sam project managed the launch of the BBC’s pioneering “Digital First” programme. He ensured a safe launch within a very tight 11-week deadline. He produced the plan to get staff to adopt new ways of working to deliver the programme’s digital & social media ambitions.

“The most reassuring person I have ever worked with. I do not think we could have got the programme on air without him.” Louisa Compton, Editor Victoria Derbyshire programme.

BBC Singapore Bureau move, July-August 2015

The project combined the construction of a new studio in Singapore with the redesign of programmes in London. Sam’s launch plan had to work across different time zones and hit its deadline with only 2 weeks between the completion of construction and launch.

“Sam made sure it was so smooth we all pinched ourselves …. Without him I can confidently say it wouldn’t have been possible”. Liz Corbin, BBC Singapore bureau chief.

Digital Transformation/Multi-media Newsroom

Sam played an important role in the launch of the BBC’s Jupiter System – a Media Asset Management and Video Production system. He was involved in the creation of the BBC’s multimedia newsroom where TV, Online and Radio were combined to increase collaboration. He worked on the introduction of a new Online Media Pipeline system to speed up the delivery of video to digital platforms.

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