Leadership Training

Sam Whipple, “How to find fulfilment at work” Tunis, January 2018

Sam is an experienced leadership trainer offering a range of modules to help you build your confidence as a leader and improve the performance of your team.

He facilitates workshops or away days to help your team gel and improve its performance.

His training covers:

Emotional Intelligence:  Sam is accredited by JCA (Occupational Psychologists) Ltd. to use the JCA Emotional Intelligence profiling model. Delegates understand how EI affects performance and how they can use their strengths to develop their confidence.

Motivation: how to create a motivational climate and flex your leadership style to inspire your team.

Sam Whipple at the Frankfurt Day of Online Journalism 2016

Feedback: how to give feedback to ensure your team understands what you want and finds effective ways to deliver it.

Delegation: a simple framework that makes it easier to delegate tasks to your team, and reduce your own workload to make best use of your precious time.

Presentation: How to deliver a powerful presentation that grips your audience and how to do a superb interview.

Sam Whipple at the Frankfurt Day of Online Journalism 2016


Pembroke House is a community space serving the people of Walworth. It runs services for all communities in Walworth and welcomes new project ideas.

“Sam Whipple’s leadership course is ideal if you want to develop or change your leadership style to become a more receptive manager.  It blended theory and practice, giving us the opportunity to try out what we’d learnt.  As a small charity team, all our staff are required to demonstrate leadership skills whether it be towards volunteers, contractors or colleagues.  Sam’s course provided useful tools to enable us all to do that.”  Grisel Tarifa, Director of Operations & Finance, Pembroke House.

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